To tackle the impact of the pandemic on the Palestine tourism industry, the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MoTA) formed the Palestinian Tourism Recovery Taskforce (PTRT). The task force, which includes representatives from the public and private sectors, is responsible for implementing a strategy to prepare for tourism recovery and shape the future of tourism in Palestine post-COVID-19.

The recovery strategy aims to prepare Palestine for reopening by restoring confidence in the tourism industry for the local and international markets; developing new health protocols; maintaining and upskilling employees to be ready for the new normal; equipping tourism facilities to guarantee a high standard of health and hygiene; and promoting Palestine as a safe travel destination.

The following video shows the final rounds of hotel auditing and inspection of all tourism facilities and sites to ensure the implementation of COVID-19 specific standards and procedures in terms of health and hygiene. The final stages of the recovery strategy will be completed very soon.

Stay tuned to hear the upcoming announcement that Palestine is ready “Jahzeen” to reopen and welcome back tourists.

For more information please contact:

+972 59 205 9412

About (Jahzeen): is Palestine’s tourism-readiness and resilience e-learning platform developed to fuse COVID prevention standards and protocols into everyday tourism business in Palestine. Its mission is to help enhance tourism sector employee’s skill sets by providing users with learning tools and certification regarding the new standards and protocols necessary to implement a resilient tourism sector recovery. The Jahzeen e-Learning curriculum provides its users with access to information that includes a general introduction to COVID-19 as well as the new standards and protocols necessary to implement a successful recovery.