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Jahzeen (Arabic plural for readyis Palestine’s tourism-readiness and resilience e-learning platform. It was developed to fuse the new COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols into everyday tourism operation in Palestine. 

Jahzeen’s mission is to help tourism sector employees to strengthen their skills and to broaden their knowledge about the Coronavirus and how COVID-19 infections can be prevented among tourists and those working in the travel business. 

The platform is based on the newCOVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual for Palestine and provides its users with learning tools, quizzes and certifications regarding the new guidelines and standards in tour operation.

The Palestine Tourism Recovery Taskforce developed Jahzeen in cooperation with specialists and consultants commissioned by the Private Sector Development Programme (PSPD) of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, with support from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Headed by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), the Tourism Recovery Taskforce includes sector-wide representatives including The Arab Hotel Association (AHA), the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA), the Palestinian Society of Tourist and Travel Agents (PSTTA), The Arab Tourist Guides Union, and the Network for Palestine Experiential Tourism Associations (NEPTO)

Jahzeen e-learning portal was developed to disseminate the new guidelines and protocols to tourism workers throughout the Palestinian tourism value chain.

Jahzeen offers tailor-made curricula based on one’s job title and sector and generates digital certificates upon successful completion of the required trainings. 

Tourism workers can thus demonstrate towards employers and tourists that they are knowledgeable of the new standards and “COVID-ready”. Tour operators, on the other hand, can request the certificates from employees and service providers to assure that the new standards are known all through daily operation. 

This unique approach will assure that within a short time, the whole Palestinian tourism workforce will become “Covid-ready”

For tourism workers

Jahzeen certificate will show employers and tourists that you have completed the curriculum for Palestine’s COVID-19 tourism hygiene standards and protocols. This is a very important achievement as these standards and protocols are mandatory for any tourism business to operate in the country. Furthermore, you will be more able to protect yourself, your family and your business from the risk of infection with the Coronavirus.

Registration and use of Jahzeen COVID-19 e-learning is completely free of charge. 

To be allowed to resume business operation, all tourism businesses and self-employed tourism workers must demonstrate to know the new COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) is also planning to conduct audits and checks to assure that the new standards are implemented. 

Taking courses on Jahzeen and getting certified is the best and easiest way to demonstrate that you are aware of the new protocols and able to carried out your work in a safe and professional way.

Once you sign up on Jahzeen, you are asked to select all jobs and kinds of work you do in tourism or would like to do in the future. Based on your selection, Jahzeen creates and individual curriculum for you with the required courses. The number of courses mandatory for you, depends on the selected jobs and kinds of work. You may always change, remove or add a new type work from your Edit Profile page, and the list of required courses will change accordingly. 

The courses on Jahzeen following the same structure as the COVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual for Palestine and are divided into general, basic and specialization courses. Once you signed up, you will be requested to complete the general course on COVID-19. Then you will move to the basic courses relevant for your job selection and after successfully completing these ones, you can take the specialization course for your occupation.

For now, Jahzeen focusses only on getting the Palestinian tourism sector ready for the reopening and is focused on COVID-19. But soon, you will find other professional tourism courses on Jahzeen which are not COVID-19 related. We recommend that you sign up to our mailing list to receive important news and updates.

There is no limit to the number and kind of courses you select for yourself on Jahzeen. Upon registration or later in your profile, you can add additional tourism jobs to get licensed for all the jobs or kinds of work you do or would like to do in the future. 

Jahzeen is currently available in English and Arabic. You may switch the language as often as you like, also while doing a training.

Note: When doing a quiz, you cannot change the language as you would lose your quiz progress! Please make sure to select your preferred language before starting a quiz.

To sign up, please follow this link and select your tourism profession(s) upon registration. Your individual curriculum will be created automatically in your profile.. 

Jahzeen is available as a web application on desktop and mobile. To download the app, browse to from your mobile device and click the DOWNLOAD link from the main menu. You can also click here to download the web app for both Desktop or Mobile. Jahzeen is recommended with the most recent update of your desktop or mobile browser including Chrome, Edge and Safari. If you use Firefox, kindly follow these instructions to install the app on your mobile. (coming soon!)  If you run into any technical issues using Jahzeen, you may drop an email to support[at] or contact us here.

Jahzeen automatically issues digital certificates for each course you have successfully completed including the mandatory quiz. The certificates are issued on your name and state the course’s name and the date you completed it. 

You can download them from your Jahzeen profile page immediately after you successfully complete a course in pdf format, for print or digital sharing.

A Jahzeen certification will provide you with the necessary knowledge and awareness to be able to apply the new COVID-19 hygiene standards and protocols in your place of work or business.  

The new COVID-19 standards and protocols are mandatory to follow by all tourism business and everyone working in tourism. Using the Jahzeen online training is the easiest way to acquire the new knowledge and skills. 

Obtaining the Jahzeen certificates for successfully completing the trainings, is the best way to demonstrate that you are “COVID ready”. If you are currently looking for a new or better Job in Palestinian tourism, it is highly recommended that you get Jahzeen certified in all areas for your (future) work. 

Note: You can take as many courses for as many professions as you like. It is free of charge to use Jahzeen.

Jahzeen is based on the “COVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual for Palestine”, and offers an e-Learning solution to disseminate the necessary information, standards, and procedures in the form of lessons, quizzes. You may download the full manual here, and study the section of your choice depending on your work type. If you are currently employed, you may request your employer’s assistance in providing the needed digital resources to access the training, or feel free to contact us here.

For tourism businesses

Jahzeen will help your business by training your employees to be able to apply the new Palestine COVID-19 tourism hygiene standards and protocols at your place of business. The application is very easy to use for your employees and obtaining the certificates is free of charge.

Jahzeen will inform your employees about how to engage with customers and service partners in accordance with the new Palestine COVID-19 tourism hygiene standards and protocols. This will help yourself, your family, employees and customers to minimize the risk of infection. 

Being Jahzeen certified will also give confidence to both employees and customers when engaging together in everyday business. 

Also, by getting your employees Jahzeen certified, you will be able to demonstrate towards business partners and your international clients that your business cares about safety and hygiene. Announcing that 100% of your staff are Jahzeen certified can boost your marketing and even be a competitive advantage once tourism will start again.

Jahzeen application and certification process is free of charge.

Each employee needs to open an individual account on This is important to make sure that all your employees receive the mandatory trainings for their occupation and job position in your business. 

Please ask your employees to register at and to select all applicable job positions and task they carry out in your business.

Jahzeen courses are based on the COVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual. The Manual is the mandatory standard for tourism operation in Palestine and must be followed by all businesses active in Palestinian tourism sector.  

Jahzeen certificates confirm that your employees are aware of all applicable standards for hygiene and safety as required by the Manual. Hence, if your business is active in the Palestinian tourism sector, the Jahzeen certificates apply for your businesses.

Jahzeen does not certify your business. The auditing and certification of businesses is carried out by specialized auditors appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. However, if you can demonstrate towards the auditors that all your staff is Jahzeen certified, it will support your certification process as a tourism busines.

Once a course has been successfully completed and all quizzes passed, Jahzeen automatically issues a certificate for the course with the name of the course participant. The certificate can be downloaded from Jahzeen directly as a pdf.

As an employer, you are responsible to make sure that all your employees know and implement the new COVID-19 tourism protocols and safety standards. The mandatory reference is the COVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual for Palestine. 


By asking your employees to take the courses on Jahzeen relevant for their job position and work, you make sure that your employees are aware of all mandatory protocols and standards to resume their work. 

While you can also train your employees individually on the new standards and protocols, asking your employees to take the courses on Jahzeen has the advantage that the course content is already approved to meet the mandatory standards and that each employees gets all mandatory knowledge and material required. 

Also, by collecting the digital certificates from all your employees, you can demonstrate towards business partners, clients and also the auditors of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, that all your staff is trained in the new standards and protocols.

For travelers & tour operators

Jahzeen as a platform is an indicator of the readiness and commitment of the Palestinian tourism sector’s in the fight against COVID-19, and for resumption of international tourism and travel.  

Jahzeen is currently an open platform, and there are no restrictions to who can register and access the learning material. As a traveler or tour operator, you may sign up to the platform to gain detailed insight to the kind of trainings the Palestinian tourism sector is offering its members for their safety and the safety of all visitors.  

By familiarizing yourself with content of the platform, you may also take the necessary steps to ensure the service provider(s) of your choice are also covid-ready  

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