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Guidelines on installing dispensers

Hand sanitiser dispensers (preferably touchless) are critical to ensuring tourists, visitors, clients and employees can regularly disinfect their hands where no soap and water is available.

  • The tourism business or tourism service provider must supply soap and disinfectant dispensers, tissue dispensers and paper towels.
  • Visible placement of dispensers is important to encourage their use prior to activities that could lead to transmission, such as eating, touching of objects, or handling goods and using common spaces.

The following guidelines are mandatory:

  • Install disinfectant gel dispensers at all property entrances and all locations where hand sanitation is needed, for example: vehicle doors.
  • Install disinfectant gel dispensers at all entrances to dining halls, restaurants, and cafés.
  • Ensure soap is available in all bathrooms.
  • Regularly maintain soap and disinfectant solution volumes.
  • Supply hand dryers or paper towels in every public and employee restroom.
  • Regularly check soap and disinfectant dispensers, tissue dispensers, and hand drying equipment to ensure their proper functioning.
  • Replace or repair defective equipment.
  • Install disinfectant gel dispensers in all public and employee restrooms.
  • Supply tissue dispensers and hands-free waste bins in all bathrooms.