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Guidelines for hygiene signage

It is important to inform tourists, visitors and employees about hygiene policies through proper signage inside all tourism facilities and work places.

  • Signage should be posted throughout the property to ensure it is seen by all multiple times a day, to commit the messages to memory.
  • Signage must be consistent to prevent misunderstandings.
  • The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities developed templates for hygiene signage, which are highly recommended to be used by all tourism businesses and service providers.

It is mandatory to post signage at least in the following places:

  • When entering and leaving the property.
  • When entering and leaving bathrooms open to the public, tourists, visitors, clients and employees.
  • In lobbies, rest areas and all places where tourists and visitors may crowd or spend time.
  • At every elevator, waiting area and inside every elevator.
  • Outside and inside of transportation vehicles.
  • In a suitable place noticeable by tourists and visitors ahead of starting a service.

If no such place is available, hygiene signage must be distributed as printed leaflets.