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How to deal with symptomatic employees

Employers must set up a protocol for dealing with employees showing typical COVID-19 symptoms.

The following guidelines and steps are mandatory to follow if an employee shows typical COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Establish policies to ensure employees with COVID-19 symptoms stay at home and seek medical assistance, if needed.
  • If at the workplace, ensure employees who have reported COVID-19 symptoms are told to stop work at once and go home.
  • Help employees arrange private transportation instead of public transportation where they could infect others.
  • Ensure medical assistance for employees is arranged, if needed.
  • If unable to travel home, ensure the employee is isolated in a room at the workplace or nearby as medical assistance is arranged.
  • Ensure the employee will be provided with a face mask which should be kept on until the employee is safely home.
  • The employees’ work area must be disinfected.
  • You should regularly monitor the employee’s situation through mobile calls or other remote communication.
  • Ensure that the employee is cleared by a medical professional prior to returning to work.