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Vulnerable employees and how to keep them safe at work

Some of your employees are typically more in contact with tourists, clients, other service providers and colleagues than others.

  • The risk of infection with COVID-19 posed to older employees and those with health conditions can be reduced by not placing them in positions with high exposure to tourists, clients, other service providers.
  • You must also consider that cleaning and maintenance employees are more vulnerable as they have a higher degree of contact with potentially contaminated things and areas like rooms, surfaces and items used by other people.

To keep vulnerable employees safe at work, the following steps must be taken and explained to all your employees:

  • Identify vulnerable employees within your workforce: Older employees (above 65 years) and those with underlying health conditions such as weakened immune systems, diabetes, heart and lung disease. Make sure that all individual information is anonymized.
  • If you have vulnerable employees, inform all employees of the risks involved and discuss protective actions.
  • Assure, as much as possible, that vulnerable employees do not work in positions with frequent close contact with tourists, guests, clients, service providers and colleagues or assure that physical separations (such as plexiglass screens) are in place.
  • Pay special attention to provide sufficient and only high-quality personal protective equipment.