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Communicating with tourists, visitors, and clients

Keeping tourists, visitors and clients informed requires the regular monitoring of the news media, as well as government, health authority and scientific sources.

How you provide information to your tourists, visitors and clients should be based on your technical capacities and abilities. In general, a variety of communication methods is recommended.

  • You should inform your guests at the time of booking or reservation of COVID-19 guidelines, including all local regulations mandatory for tourists.
  • Ideally, your guests should confirm that they have read this information prior to finalising the booking.
  • A summary of all COVID-19 health guidelines must be available to your guests and how these guidelines will affect their stay.

The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities developed templates for communicating with tourists, visitors, and clients to assure that the whole Palestinian tourism sector speaks with one voice.

The following steps are suggestions that can structure communication with your guests. It is mandatory that you carry out all steps relevant to your individual business.

  • Update your website and marketing material to outline the measures implemented to prevent COVID-19 cases.
  • Outline safe hygiene measures in your business.
  • Outline your enhanced cleaning measures.
  • Outline your physical distancing measures.
  • Describe your response strategy for tourists, clients or employees with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Outline your cancellation and booking modification policy.
  • Ensure that a summary of the policies and procedures implemented at your business is available to guests and handed out upon check-in, boarding or starting of service in an abbreviated form.
  • Ensure that a summary of the latest travel alerts in the area is available to tourists, visitors and clients.
  • Ensure that up-to-date contact information for health facilities is available to tourists, visitors and clients upon request.
  • Ensure that a list of sources for COVID-19 information is available to tourists, visitors and clients.
  • Ensure that basic COVID-19 health-related information is provided to tourists, visitors and clients as a printed brochure and available in multiple languages.