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Communication Strategy

Why is a clear communication strategy important?

During the COVID-19 crisis it is important that you communicate efficiently with all involved parties, including tourists and other service providers.

This course outlines how you can implement an efficient communication strategy on different levels and especially towards your clients and visitors.

Ensuring a good and professional flow of information to your customers is important for several reasons:

  • You should assure that your clients are aware of specific COVID-19 measures implemented in your business and how that might affect their trip.
  • A good communication is also a clear sign towards your clients that you are taking the COVID-19 threat serious and that you are taking the necessary steps to assure the safety for your customers and employees.
  • A professional, clear and honest communication can help your image as a professional tourism service provider, especially in uncertain times like now. In fact, a good strategy can even provide you with a competitive edge.