Jahzeen.ps is Palestine’s tourism-readiness and resilience e-learning platform. It was developed to fuse the new COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols into everyday tourism operation in Palestine. 

تعليمات المشاركة ببرنامج التدريب التوظيفي

نشكر اهتمامكم ببرنامج التدريب من أجل التوظيف ، تتخلل هذه الصفحة اراشدات للمستخدمين الذين تم

Training for Employment Programme Instructions

Thank you for your time and interest in participating in the Training for Employment Programme.

COVID-19 crisis imposes a great challenge to the Palestinian tourism sector. #Jahzeen is a national program aiming to up-skill the Palestinian tourism workforce for the post-COVID-19 era. The e-Learning platform offers the opportunity to take the mandatory trainings required for all active sectors of the Palestinian tourism industry, to promote a fast recovery of the sector and ensure the safety of workers and guests.


International Partners


International Partners

Jahzeen’s mission is to help tourism sector employees to strengthen their skills and to broaden their knowledge about the Coronavirus and how COVID-19 infections can be prevented among tourists and those working in the travel business. 

The platform is based on the new COVID-19 Tourism Operations Manual for Palestine and provides its users with learning tools, quizzes and certifications regarding the new guidelines and standards in tourism operation.  

500+ Lessons

Covering all aspects of the tourism industry in Palestine

130+ Trainings

Including general and sector-specific training material

35000+ Workers

Targeting all types of work across the tourism value chain

Jahzeen is intended for business owners, employees, and service providers, working in hotels, transportation, tourist sites, and other categories within the tourism sector to educate themselves about the ‘new normal’ standards and gain certification that is meant to raise the profile of Palestine’s tourism sector as a COVID-ready industry. 

#Capacity building on Jahzeen

Based on a user’s choice of tourism sub-sector and individual job description, Jahzeen formulates a curriculum, exclusively customized for the users professional, vocational and knowledge needs. The curriculum, which is broken down into lessons, guides the users through the learning process and concludes in a self-paced learning control at the end of each training. 

Once completed and based on the user’s success in answering the quiz questions, the user is either presented with a digital accomplishment certificate that signifies successfully completing the course or requests the user to retake the course to achieve a better grade. 

Jahzeen is an opportunity for business managers to make sure that their employees are fully equipped with the knowledge that they need to conduct business in this new environment. 

The curriculum is designed to accommodate individuals looking to conduct the course by themselves or for businesses looking to conduct the course as a group exercise.  

Either way, Jahzeen will transmit to users a wealth of actionable information, made clear through the use of illustrations and graphics, developed to raise awareness, confidence, and safety of all involved in the tourism sector, including all future travelers to Palestine – The Heart of the Holy Land.